Saturday, 6 July 2013

Peg It

At our recent crop a discussion started about pegs.
Jemma was questioning whether she should use the pegs in her Counterfeit Kit on her layouts.
The general outcome of the discussions was that pegs were too bulky on a layout and didn't look right on their side.
That got me else could I use my pegs on my layouts without them looking out of place or sticking out too far?
There is plenty of inspiration on PINTEREST on how to recycle pegs but I couldn't find anything about pegs on layouts.
What I've done with my pegs isn't very inventive (you have been warned) but at least I've got rid of a few from my massive stash

How do YOU use your pegs???


  1. oh i love that lol, its very cute. havent thought about the pegs yet. will do now :)

  2. Inventive or not, at least you used them - and I think they look great. Very on trend creating the arrows/chevron pattern like that! I don't have any because of the bulk.

  3. I love my mini clothes pins. I've used them in a few different projects. Thanks for being my inspiration for my CFC challenge #1. And now, to work!

  4. LOL - I have used mine sideways so you need to delete that bit about them not looking right!!!

    Fab page and a VERY inventive way to use them!

    1. Ha ha Jemma - watch this space ;)

  5. They look like little nutcrackers!
    Beautiful page :~)


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