Thursday, 4 July 2013

Forged Forgery

The monthly Counterfeit Kit Blog Hop this month is to take inspiration from one of our Master Forgers.

With my life being a bit manic last week, I didn't have time to look through the blogs of our very talented ladies before I ventured out with, my sleeping bag, to our Sleepover Crop.

Luckily, a card from the lovely Jemma last month had stuck in my head and I was able to use the inspiration on a layout.

I was a little worried about cutting the photo into squares at first and nearly stuck his nose down back to front but I think it turned out quite well.
The "inspirer" liked it too :)

I'm off to take inspiration from another Master Forger and I'll be revealing what I came up with in the Blog Hop on the 24th of the month.

Will you be joining in?
You can find ALL the details HERE


  1. I did indeed like what you'd done! The layered circles are fab too - great lift Lesley!

  2. He he the dog looks like he is behind bars. This was a great inspiration.Looks wonderful!

  3. How wonderful to turn Jemma's card inspiration into a layout! You did a lovely job with it. I'm really loving the grid layouts this month as well. I've already done a couple!

  4. Love that layout! Id never think to cut the photo up too.

  5. ADORE this page! I may be lifting YOU for this challenge, lol :~D

  6. Love the much braver than I! I don't think I would ever be able to cut up a picture like that...but if I ever do you are my inspiration!

  7. What a GREAT lift!!! I loved the original and I love your take on it so much!! GREAT JOB!!!

    Blessings ~~ dawn

  8. You have taken a great design and really add it your own. Great job.


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