Monday, 22 July 2013

Does Summer Inspire You?

Good morning to my regular followers 
and to those of you who have clicked a link on 

welcome to this week's Team Challenge hosted by little old me!

 In our house, Summer is officially here because DD finished school on Friday
and that means no more school runs for 7 whole weeks!

So what does Summer mean to me?

Sun/warmth (hopefully!)
Family Time/Together
Lazy Days/Days Out

So, what does Summer mean to you?

Write a list (and I need to see your list!) and use at least one of those words on your project - 10pts

I was recently inspired by the wall in Pizza Express at Brent Cross Shopping Centre...

so for your next 10 pts, use lines on your project,

and to claim your final 10 pts you must eat an ice lolly use at least 3 of the following colours on your project.

I created the following digital layout as an example...

I hope you will play along and I look forward to seeing your creations as the week goes by...


  1. Will definitely be joining in with your challenge, Lesley. BTW I've scraplifted your "Peg It" page for the CKCB blog hop on Wednesday!

    1. Ooh Maggie, that's exciting - thank you - look forward to seeing your lift :) x

  2. great layout, I'll give it a go tomorrow :) Love lists lol

  3. Don't have the time to join in but love your challenge ideas :) & your LO of course! x


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