Saturday, 20 July 2013

And Another...

Today I will be indulging in a one hour full body massage and a one hour facial.
I don't normally do things like this but when Groupon/Living Social/Travelzoo deals come along, I jump right in and get the good deals.

Before I go, here's another of those 2012 holiday photos more deserving of a full layout than lost on a PL page.

The photos show us at the top of the Astoria Column having bought our aeroplanes to throw of the top.
Mine landed straight in a tree but Nick's and Imogen's flew down the valley before disappearing out of sight.
I wonder if anybody ever found our messages!!!

Will you be indulging in anything nice today?


  1. Beautiful layout, love the flowery frame

  2. I did two massages in June and loved each one!
    Gorgeous paper,


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