Tuesday, 12 March 2013

We Showed Them!!!

Traveling down the Pacific Highway last year I'd booked us into a wooden cabin on a campsite for the night. It was very basic in the fact that just beds were provided, no bedding, no toilet, no nothing else apart from a bbq and a fire pit outside.
A cute, rustic little place and very quiet until our neighbours and (I think) the whole of their town pitched up.
Well, they lit their bbq and had a feast quite quickly whilst we sat watching in envy supping a beer or two.
After a bit of dutch courage we got out read newspaper and a box of matches out of the car and desperately prayed that we wouldn't look stupid in front of the experts.
We had no cooking utensils, plates - zilch, nada, nothing but
We got the fire and the bbq lit, cooked our food and toasted our marshmallows (and feet) on the lovely warm fire.

My page today if for CKCB Challenge #2...

Challenge #2: Let's see how well YOU do mixing patterns, colors and scales.  Use 3 or more patterned papers on your project.

I used my CKCB March kit to complete this page as I still had plenty of patterned papers left!!!



  1. lol, great story and great photos as usual :)

  2. Sweet layout!! Such a fabulous memory!!!

  3. Love the story behind the page!!!

  4. This layout is so fun, I love the arrows beneath the word 'bbq' and the photo of your toes warming by the fire is awesome! x


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