Monday, 18 March 2013


After a rather entertaining breakfast I set off home but not before finding a little present under my windscreen wiper. Gemma had won a packet of number paperclips on the raffle and knew how much I liked them. Thank you Gemma for thinking of me :)
Arriving home I was mortified to realise I had left my teddy at the hotel. It's a little monkey that Imogen gave me years ago and I only take away when she's not with me. Luckily I'm only 20 minutes down the road so having said I would never go back, I did.
The door to my room was open and the bed stripped but my monkey was sitting next to the tv - phew.
After a lovely hot bath my bed was was far too inviting to say no and a little snooze was just what the doctor ordered.
It was lovely to see Imogen after school and the smile on her face made my day. I think it will be an early night....


  1. Was the hotel *that* bad???

  2. what happened at breakfast?! lol I must have missed the fun. :) very cute teddy and glad you got home ok


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