Monday, 25 March 2013

Blogger Didn't Blog!!!!

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Well, how annoying that yesterday's post didn't post!!!
(Note to self - check it has worked before going to bed)
So here is yesterday's post...

A quick birthday card to share today made using my March Counterfeit Kit.
A friend's husband is celebrating his birthday today and I hadn't made a card so luckily in my kit I had banners!! This card took 5 minutes to make!!

This photograph was taken on my way home from Crewe this morning.

and shows how how icicles have been formed just from cars driving through a puddle on the side of the road.
Brrrr, it must be cold!

Hope everyone is staying warm on this cold Sunday.


  1. Oh wow - I thought they were catkins.

  2. Eek - that looks icy! Glad to be home after a chilly day at work.

    Love the card - Happy Birthday to Hubby!

  3. love the card! amazing photo too :)

  4. Five minutes? Are you kidding me? That card is wonderful! I couldn't make one that sweet in an hour. LOL!

  5. What a beauty! I still love those little banners!

  6. That card is TOO GORGEOUS! You said you made it in five minutes and I guarantee I've been sitting here admiring it for at least that long! Totally inspiring and the perfect mix of bold colors and patterns with white elements.

  7. that card is awesome and would have taken me much much much longer :-)

  8. That cards is amazing! Love the bunting and the pie charts. Also, wow for the photos of the icicles, that must be super duper cold! x


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