Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Decluttering My Life!

Getting rid of things that have been in your life for such a long time has been quite refreshing this morning.
All the work I have put in over the many years has come to an end and to be honest I feel quite refreshed and relieved. I have room on my shelves and hard drive and the clutter in the dining room will be gone tomorrow.
I will have more time on my hands for things that I want to do and I will enjoy every minute of my new found freedom.

Today, I wanted to tidy my stash and finish the classes from the weekend.

The first class on Friday evening was a Project Life page by Jen Naulls.
Jen's page was very summery so I changed my papers around a little to suit my Snow Day pictures.

Saturday brought three classes two of which I could attend due to my flippin' back.
I managed to catch up later during cop time though.

The first was from Helen Eddie. A gorgeous layout apart from the sewing (argh!!)
As you can see, my token effort to sew was 6 little kisses.

A washi tape hinge hides the photo of a rather emotional Imogen after meeting her idol!

Lou's class (my first missed class) came next and we all got doodling which I really enjoyed. I don't think my flower turned out quite right but hey, there's no fun it everyone being the same is there?

Next was Ifa's class, very different to the layouts I've seen of hers in the past.
My photo here isn't very good but stamping onto vellum and heat embossing 3 doily shapes and making a badge were all part of this gorgeous layout. Ally, (bless her) very kindly did doilies for me AND cut them out.
Ifa was very kind and helped me to make my badge a bit later.
Thanks Ifa!!

Sunday's first class was brought to us by Tracy Gough and I think it's actually my favourite layout.
I love the boldness and striking colours. I have a fair bit of the kit left over too.

The final came from Claire Wheatley with her lovely assistant Tracie Oakes and involved origami bows. As I had used the wrong photos on a different layout, I couldn't finish the page in class but have today using some photos of my daughter aged nearly 4 years old. Claire's page used two 4"x4" photos in the two gaps.
I also had failed to make number 2 bow. Thinking I had the lovely little booklet with the instructions in I decided to finish that too. Hmm, where's the booklet? I am so impressed with myself that I could remember how to make it without instructions. Clever little me!!!

I am so sad that this was the final (never say never) Sarah's Cards Retreat.
Having made some wonderful friends over the years, I will cherish the memories and I hope we can all meet again.
Until the next time....


  1. sounds like an interesting day :) love your take on claires class :)

  2. You've made a fab job of all the classes Lesley. I'm very impressed that you managed the second bow without the instructions !! I've still got to make mine !


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