Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Getting Through Quite Nicely :)

The "visitors" have arrived so today has been mostly spent running around making sure their needs have been met.
I think I've managed that (gold star for me!)

All I want to do now is have a nice long soak in the bath to relax but DD has cadets so have to do the taxi bit :(

Looking on the bright side, it's Friday in our house tomorrow which only comes round every 8 days (work that one out) and Friday means WINE.

So the sketch I was working on yesterday (before I was rudely interrupted) was Sarah's Cards January Sketch by Vanessa. A nice simple sketch where I've printed a lot of journalling in the white space background. I've followed the sketch completely this time in order to know where to print my text. If you haven't got an A3 printer you can easily scale the sketch down to 8.5x11 (or is it 8x11.5 - I can never remember!)


  1. Great layout, love the paper in the back and the little wooden clock. Glad to hear its friday soon lol

  2. This is lush, really love that little clock and the rich colour combo gives it all so much depth!


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