Wednesday, 30 January 2013


It's not even the end of January and I've FAILED but my excuses are good!!

I've been at school most of the week and had no sleep for 2 nights.
Yes, HE'S got MAN FLU!!!

What are men like? Us women just get on with it but men just feel the need to mope and feel sorry for themselves.

Anyway onto a completed page that I promised two days ago.
It's January Week 4 already and I've just done January Week 3!!

The criteria?

  1. Use the sketch
  2. Use stitching (well I used thread!)
  3. Use paint

So having failed to blog yesterday, a double blog won't go amiss today.
A very quick page and I'm up to date with the Weekly Challenges on UKS.
January Week 4 criteria

  1. A holiday theme (holiday photo)
  2. Food or cooking (do you need help with that one :P)
  3. Bling or something red
  4. Lots of journalling (yeah!)

And my page...

Thank you, Bijoux Belles, for the challenge - I just LOVE how you chose them :)


  1. Aww thank you for your kind comments about our challenges. Your pages are great. What a beautiful lab and I really like the little cluster of embellishments in the corner of the second page.
    Sue x

  2. Love the layouts :) Had to laugh as Ive just blogged about how i didnt get anything done today due to my sick hubby too. I think kids are easier sometimes lol

  3. I love these Lo's The patterned background is great & such cute embellishments

  4. yes, these are lovely and I love your dog. I also love your fish and chips photo! Thanks for joining in our challenge.

  5. Both pages are gorgeous - I love the patterned background paper on the first LO and all the little details on the second.

    Thanks for joining in with our challenge and I'm glad you like the way we chose our challenges:)

  6. Yes, brilliant fish and chip photo :)

    I loved last week's entry too, the way you have done it is lovely :)

    Thanks for joining in our challenge :)

  7. Lovely pages Lesley. Great photos and I like your clustering :D

    Thank you for joining in with our challenge xx

  8. Both LO's are fab! (Beautiful woof by the way!)

    Thanks for joining in with our challenge :)


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