Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Promptly Lifted

Yesterday was a full on day.
The taxi service, the book folding and a few other things
were all on the list so LOAD was going to be hard.
However, when I saw the prompt was to lift another layout from the Flickr gallery
I knew it wouldn't take long as the basis was already there.

You can find the layout I chose to lift HERE.
It's one of those that just pops out due it's gorgeousness and colours.

This is the story of Capricorn and The Child and how she is growing up "too fast"


  1. Love all the colour in this layout and such a cute story too

  2. Fab layout and lovely story and yes aren't they just growing up way too fast!

  3. Amazing page! Love the contrast from the middle of the page (neutral) to the edge - full of colors. Brilliant!!!


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