Monday, 6 October 2014

Argh, No Ribbon!

Even with the knowledge of the three great challenges set by our Queen Laura this month
I failed to put ribbon in my kit so I quickly added some in
whilst packing for the monthly crop.

Now don't get too excited thinking that I've created something wonderful with this ribbon because that wasn't the challenge!!! That's my excuse anyhow.

As you can see, I have used it a wonderfully unusual and creative way.
Yes, I've stuck it down in straight line - it is pretty ribbon though!

Again, my journalling is tucked in behind my photos and tells the story of how this little boy ran as fast as his feet could take him when he saw us handing out sweets to his friends.
He was rewarded with  a few extra for his efforts and he rewarded us with a beautiful smile.

Again, I have used that clear plastic that was headed for the bin

What dustbin bound item have you saved lately to use on a layout?


  1. Good question..thinking, um, some buttons I cut off some old school shirts?

    That ribbon works so well with your photos

  2. Gorgeous page! LOVE the slant design! Pinning.

  3. The upcycled plastic hearts are FAB! I especially like how you usually use stamps on your backgrounds to bring movement in the right direction. The chevron stamp really reinforces your progression images to make him seem to burst out of the page at the end. Very cool!

  4. Well I think that ribbon was used perfectly :)

  5. I do love this layout!! I love the layered embellishments!

  6. Great page, I think that slanted ribbon give forward movement to the page which is perfect with the subject of your photos. Clever you.

  7. A very striking layout! I really like this page & might have to scraplift it :)

  8. Fabulous page! Yep that is what I did with my ribbon too it makes for a nice border when it's straight :)

  9. There is ribbon there - that is all the Queen wished for :)
    I love your bin hearts!


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