Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A Simple Story of Her @ Easter

Over the past few days I've been sharing layouts using the fabulous collection,

Jen sent me this collection and wow have I loved playing with it.
A few of you have complained about squiffy eyes but 
maybe my eyes are squiffy already so it didn't bother me!
I have a few scraps left and hope to make one more after today but
this layout is a great way to use up scraps.

My layout today is for another LOAD prompt
and show The Child at the end of her annual Easter Egg Hunt.
She will never grown out of this OR Advent Calendars
(I am in the process of devising that one!)

Anyway, my layout...

Do you have little traditions that will never cease?


  1. What a great way of using up left over scraps. Especially when the papers are this gorgeous

  2. Love this - do I have that punch ? I must dig it out! Our Easter Hunt (and Xmas stockings) are alive and well ... hoping to keep 'em going until the grand-kids revitalise them!

    1. Think we may have bought them at the same time ;)

  3. No such traditions for me anymore..bumtitty a new baby on the way for DS I am sure they'll soon be revived! Great cheerful!

    1. Lol Elaine - bumtitty - can't stop laughing!!!

  4. I have that punch....and I love this layout. I might have to use your idea on a future looks so good x

  5. Amazing layout! Love all those little [stamp] squares!! Great patterns and loving the ampersand! Cute pic too!!!

  6. ohhh I have a punch like that stamp somewhere!


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