Saturday, 1 November 2014


No!!! Not my bottle of wine, my kit!!!

Here we are in November 
(I suppose I'll need to be thinking about Christmas soon!)
One thing is for sure,
I really need to make a start on The Child's advent calendar.
Have you done much planning yet?

Binty is our Guest Designer for the month of November 
and I'm sure (if you've hopped from the start) you've already given her a warm welcome.

Susanne was the stop before me today so I'm sure you will already have seen some amazing kits from her and the rest of the team before me.

Our "chosen one" this month is from Scrapbook and Cards.
You can find all the details HERE

I'm happy to have a kit back this month that I can break down into single pictures 
(lots of them!)
and here it is, the kit broken down, so you can see all the lovely items in all their glory...

The "real" contents on the forgery on the right

I didn't want too much in my kit this month so there are 4 patterned papers I have left out
although I may add them at a later date!

I die cut my alphas from cork mats bought from Ikea.
I know the "real" ones are burlap
but I love the way the cork ones have turned out.

I will hopefully remember to use stamps
as and when I need them

I may try to forge this

and this

OK, so the "real" shapes are burlap, my forgeries are cork

I will add more tags when required

And the final photo (thankfully!) my full kit...


Thank you for stopping by today, I do hope you play along this month.
The team love to see your creations.

Angela is your next stop today and don't forget to go right to the end - well you can't miss Leslie's magic blue box can you!?


  1. Looks like a fab kit, hoping to join in this month!

  2. Oh I love your kit! I think I have a lot of those bits myself form old Sarahs cards kits.

  3. I love your kit-fab forgeries! The cork is a great addition for fall!

  4. Oh my gosh!! I LOVE THE WAY you created and presented this kit piece by piece! That is so fabulous! I could see the relevance in each bit! And its thought provoking for me! hmmmmn... thinking thinking.....
    Love your choosen pieces (I think they are better!!!)

  5. the cork die cuts are superb! Lovely kit.

  6. I always look forward to seeing your side by side comparisons. I like how you brought the cork in for the burlap (just might follow that step as I don't have burlap but have lots of cork :)

  7. I would never thought to cut cork tiles ... Did you use your silhouette?

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with this fabulous kit .,. Oh and yes I sure am ready for Christmas lol. I've been thinking about it since Boxing Day lol x

  8. such a cute kit. love it. and love how u die-cut the letters out of cork. awesome.

  9. Love how you broke it down. It really helped me choose mine. Great counterfiet!!

  10. Love the side by side comparisons you do. Looking forward to the forgeries you may do. I too love the paper clip leaves with the heart.
    Cindy F.

  11. You always make me smile! Great kit, love how you present it with the original and forgeries. I assume you cut the cork with your Silhouette? I really need to get more creative with mine!

  12. (Thanks for the shout-out) Adore your bold pps & good sub with the cork for the burlap.

  13. I love the cork letters cut from the placemats. Very clever! Autumn tones make my favourite kits too. I'm going to enjoy seeing how you use this

  14. Love seeing your side by side comparsion. I'm sure it is always such a fun exercise in creativity to match them up from your stash. Love that! Great use of cork to sub for the burlap. Those natural elements are perfect for an autumn inspired kit.


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