Thursday, 24 July 2014

Never Give Up!

Hello to all you lovely Counterfeit Kit readers/followers.
This month we have a teeny tiny hop for you and we're hoping it's just because
the sun is shining and nobody wants to be indoors creating.

Leslie will have sent you my way and Cindy follows on from me.
The full list can be found at the bottom of my post just in case you want to start from the start and finish at the finish!

Onto my creation for this month's hop.
I was going to create a panel card to fit with CH#3 but then
I found that chipboard triangle on my desk so I changed my mind and created a
second CH#1 which is to use more than five triangles on your layout.

 The title here is quite ironic as the layout is all about hubby giving up smoking
and just in case you can't read the journalling here under the flap...

Here you are in the 2005(ish) on a mini cruise to Norway. Nanny and Gramps were looking 
Imogen and this was supposed to be a lovely relaxing few days away from it all.
However, at the time, you were giving up smoking and you were “hell” to be with. 
OK, you might be smiling in the photo but being in the small cabin with you for 3 days was 
probably the worst 3 days of my life! 
The ultimate came when you threw a tantrum because you wanted to hold your own passport
and you stormed off ashore. The ship set sail again later and I had no idea
whether yu were onboard or not.
I could easily have divorved you at this point.
You continueed to smoke until I gave you an ultimatum, fags or me? 
and Imogen rolling you a fag out of A4 paper sealed the deal.
We’ve been through a lot, you and me, this being one of the hardest but it does show that we
can get through anything with our love for each other.

(Photo circa 2005 / Journalling July 2014)

I didn't know the story of the child rolling up a piece of paper for him until today but
it and my threat obviously worked and we've had nearly 10 years of a smoke free house.

What are you glad you never gave up on?
Let me know before you hop to Cindy's blog.


  1. Awesome story, I had to go back and see what challenge you did. Great layout.
    Cindy F.

  2. You've used those triangles to great advantage - focusing the viewer on that great snap. Great job on the storytelling as well.

  3. What a fantastic lo & story!

  4. Those staggered triangles really suit the jangly nerves that must have been felt. What a story! My favorite part is that you have just learned about the REAL motivation for him finally sticking with it... Oh, and I've never given up on God.

  5. Wonderful layout I love the use of the triangles on this layout. Love the story telling too :) I too gave up smoking and I can see this happening to me :) You are a strong woman :) Kudos to you. My husband and I both smoked and we gave up the same time so just imagine, but we got through the rough stuff I think we are years smoke free and for what we did neither of us will do it again, we don't want to go through it all again :) Great inspiration, a cool theme for a layout too

  6. Those layered triangles look so good. Great page (and story)

  7. Firstly congratulations to hubby for giving up smoking.Your staggered triangles look fabulous.

  8. LOVE your layout!!! The layered triangles are amazing. Pinning for inspiration! Congrats to your hubby!!

  9. Oh I've been there! He'll on DH did just the same on a trip to Guernsey..the icing on the cake was when my then 2 year old son walked in holding his lighter and a box of cigarettes to give to his Daddy! A miserable holiday but worth it in the end as he too gave up...that was in 1985... He's never smoked since.
    A wonderful LO and a really good idea to scrap it ...great job!

  10. I love that you've recorded this very important part of your marriage on a layout, and what a great layout it is

  11. Gorgeous page ... glad he didn't give up on giving up and you didn't give up on him!
    I'm glad I haven't given up on my weight loss :-)

  12. when I hear stories like this, I am SO glad that I've never smoked even a single ciggie in my life! I'm a bit of a militant non-smoker to be honest! Good for you for sticking to your guns, good for him for seeing what needed to be done.
    Really like your triangles here and Leslie's right - somehow suits the raw feelings he must have been having and the raw nerves you must have had!
    I've never given up on me :-)
    great layout and thanks for giving us all something to think about!

  13. Ah yes been there too, hubby finally gave up 18 months before we tried for a baby because we knew it could have detrimental side effects - hasn't looked back!!!


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