Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Have you ever gone to throw something away and then looked at it again
only to find that you can use it!
I do this quite regularly!
Today I was cutting some polaroids on the Cameo and had already put the negative into the recycle box when I decided I could make something out of it.
Quickly retrieving the item and adding a few more "cuts" I had created
with said machine and hey presto, look what I made...

I'm pretty pleased with how this negative created the focus of my layout.

What have you thrown/been about to throw away before realising that everything has a use???


  1. Fun layout! LOVE how you used the negative!!

  2. Gorgeous layout as always hun!

  3. Thats lovely! I always try and keep packaging with pretty patterns on but never get around to using it lol

  4. You're enjoying your new toy aren't you?!!?!? Lovely page - fab way to frame funny photos like these.

  5. great way to use the negative to create a focus but i particularly love the script font words you've used. just gorgeous


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