Monday, 19 August 2013

Take Note

I love the photograph of Imogen in this layout.
She absolutely adores profiteroles.
Back in May she walked 36 miles in 3 days 
along the Montgomery Canal with her Gramps
 and despitehaving a really rough first day and feeling sick, 
she didn't want to let her Gramps down and leave him to do the
walk by himself.
We were so proud of her and they had a lovely time together with
lots of stories to tell.

On her return home and after a nice hot bath
 we got out some of her favourite foods for her to indulge in
and this photo shows her delight in knowing she was allowed to eat them all.

SHE couldn't!!!

(Another layout created from my August Counterfeit Kit although I did need to add the numerals)


  1. Lovely photo and great layout! Jenx

  2. great layout and love the story too :)

  3. I should hope she couldn't! LOL
    Love this LO :)


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