Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Did You See The Same As Me?

Yesterday I posted my cloud photographs for the
did you see the same as me?

A puppy?

 A plane flying over the sun?
A rabbit?

Isn't imagination such a wonderful thing?

 Unfortunately my imagination wasn't forthcoming when it came to making a friend's birthday card. I saw something similar on Pinterest and as she's a big tea drinker, I couldn't resist...


  1. I can make out the furry little ones, but I still don't see the plane.

  2. I see them now that you've told me what they are! After seeing your post last week I joined Rinda's 2013 SPSH and have been having fun taking photos and sharing them on my Normandy Life blog, it would be great if you popped over to see what I found.

  3. I still see spyro and a face lol. Love the card


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