Friday, 2 August 2013

Let's Rock

My 3rd week as a Rockette finds me preparing to undertake my first festival.
More on that next Friday :)

Something that literally rocked my world this week was the addition of... my world.
I have wanted to try sax (yes, sax) for years but never had the guts, so another impulse buy later, and the rockin' starts!!!
I can just about play Ode To Joy after a week!

Had a lovely day in Shrewsbury with my girl, shopping, chatting and eating (too much!) - it amazes me how grown up she is - is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I've had more physio on my neck which seems to be doing the trick so less painkillers to rattle around in my body.
I continue to lose weight steadily but with only a week to go until my holiday and putting it all back on again I wonder whether to just give up now?

It seems the assault case could be moving forward at last but I don't want to say too much or build my hopes until I have some more solid news.

I've had a massive wardrobe sort out and finally parted with those clothes I just know I will never wear again. I love a good declutter!

DH's shift has changed which means he only has to work two nights next week instead of four - he now has more time to help me prepare for holidays!

What has rocked you this week, fancy sharing?


  1. Being given my surgery date has rocked my world this week, and coming in as a close second, being the winner at UYW - Yay! Go Me!!! LOL

  2. a great week... off to blog my RYWF edition

  3. Glad you've had such a good week. :) Hope to hear some good news on the case soon.

  4. I cant decide if its a good thing that my daughter seems to be so grown up too - I think it is!

  5. A good week then. Glad you are getting to.grios with your sax. Always bittersweet when you realise how grown up your daughter is.getting

  6. I just love to hear the saxophone. My son played one for a while but his first love is piano, and then guitar, so the sax has lost out a bit.
    I am glad the physio is helping with your neck.
    Have a good week again this week. Kate x

  7. What a wonderful week - and what fun getting to grips with a musical instrument.

    Have a lovely weekend and I hope the week ahead is great too.

    Toni xx

  8. Oh a good post, loving the new addition musical instrument wise, I can't play anything at all, but my sister plays cornet and said 12 year old is enjoying electric guitar at the moment! Glad the physio is helping which means less painkillers.

    Oh a declutter - now that does sound like right up my street could definitely do with doing the same if I'm honest!

    Hope your coming week is as positive


  9. Try again. Wrote a really long reply on my tablet last night and blogger gobbled it up - am on my PC now.

    The saxophone is my favourite instrument and if I were to ever learn to play anything it would be that so I can imagine your excitement :D My daughter (also scarily grown up lately) is learning the acoustic guitar.

    I don't know the story with the assault case (is that to do with the painkillers too?) but I do hope it all ends how you want it to.

    declutter. Ah yes. trying to do that as well, I'm sure the stuff breeds as soon as you turn your back!

    Have a lovely week Lesley :)


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