Friday, 16 August 2013

NO Patterned Paper...

...just what is a girl to do?

Yes, Challenge #3 for August at the Counterfeit Kit Blog is to create a layout without using any patterned paper - do you think you can do that? Why not challenge yourself and link back to us so we can all see your patternless paper page!!

When I started this page, I really didn't like hoe the orange looked against the yellow but once I's played around a little I started to like how it was turning out. Perseverance can pay off sometimes!

So what are you waiting for? Put that patterned paper away and get scrapping!!!


  1. ohh I love that, think ill struggle with this one but will give it a go :)

  2. Think the orange is really striking. Lovely LO

    Hope you & family are well x

  3. Turned out great! Paint & stencil?
    and looks like there's some washi
    on the there - instant pattern!

  4. the orange looks great. i love sunburst effects right now and this is perfect. however, I'm too wimpy to try this challenge myself I think! The washi is a great alternative thought so maybe I could


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