Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Card Catch-Up & Giveaway

Ok, so it's not my giveaway but well worth a look.

Jennifer Grace has a giveaway on her blog to promote her "Onward and Upwards" event.
Last year's event was fantastic with great ideas, giveaways and tutorials so you'd be daft to miss this year's!!

Onto my cards...

Every year, my sister asks me to make all her cards.
She gives me a list and the event then nearer the time, suggestions of colours and theme.
Occasionally, the list will be added to...

I was very up to date with my card making but,
once again, I've left it until the last minute to start on the May list.

Here are a few I made yesterday...

 Now to wait for a theme for the next lot....


  1. beautiful cards :) Nice of you to make them for your sister :)


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