Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Beautiful Day...

...here in sunny Cheshire today.

Day 5 of Easter holidays and with Nick back at work and not wanting a bored teenager I've tasked her to empty my corner kitchen cupboard. Last Summer whilst we were away, we had new kitchen worktops fitted and since then thee cupboard has had sawdust in it. How rank is that? At least it's the "tin" cupboard so the food is safe!!

Still trying to finish off those holiday photos and now that I've got them in some kind of order and placed inside the sleeves, it's quite easy to and less daunting to get them done. They are certainly nothing special but the pile is decreasing :)

Later on we're off out for afternoon tea with yet another Groupon voucher :)


  1. Well done on the continued reduction of that pile of photos.

  2. wish mine were old enough to help clean the kitchen lol. Great pages, bet it feels good to get rid of some of your photos

  3. we have some sun today too, it's melting the snow nicely.

    Great photos there.


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