Thursday, 19 September 2013

Using Them Up Again!

Once again, I'm back to using up last year's holiday photos.
Surely there can't be many left to scrap now!
Using PL style pages I can use up my photos quicker and although these aren't the best pages that I've ever created, it takes the boredom out of using up those few remaining shots!

I have used my September CKCB "Road Trip" kit to complete these layouts...

 San Diego Zoo is probably one of the best zoos I've ever visited.

Some random shots taken on holiday

 and a few of the buildings along the way

and finally a bit of the wonderful wildlife captured on camera

We do have some great wildlife here in UK but America always has bigger and better!!!


  1. Love this pocket page style !

  2. Great layouts :) Maybe I should do that to use up some of mine

  3. Great pages Lesley.

    Hope you and family are well

  4. Super fresh pages of those odd photos that usually don't make it on the page, but look how grand they are treated right!

  5. well done on scrapping those photos, looks like you got really close to some of those animals.


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