Friday, 20 September 2013

Rockin' Along Nicely...

Before I tell you about what has rocked my world this week, why not sit back and think about what has rocked yours...
Sometimes, in this ever stressful world we live, it's nice to think about the positives instead of dwelling on the negatives.
My husband calls me "the eternal pessimist" as I always see the bad in things and expect things to turn out badly.

Why do I do this?
Well, my thinking is that if my glass is always half empty then when it becomes half full, things will seem so much better whereas if I think everything is going to turn out well and it doesn't then I become fed up and bad tempered.

Did you understand that????

Anyway it's Rocking Your World Friday and this week has been pretty good.

Imogen's boyfriend came round and he spoke more than 3 words to me this time, they watched dvds, played guitar and then she beat him on some computer game - young love, isn't it sweet?
(I still haven't got a photo)

And from young love to...
Mum and Dad celebrating their 51st wedding anniversary.

My Dad and husband walked the Sandstone Trail and although it was a lot of ferrying around for me, it was great to see them enjoying themselves and spending some quality time together
(I dread to think what/who they might have been talking about)

I received confirmation from the police that a summons has indeed been issued so a court date should be imminent...

Remember those little "hello" cards I made last week, sending one of those in the post resulted in a lovely catch-up with a long lost friend (14 years to be exact)

I got back in the kitchen and made this...

 which was snaffled when Dad and DH got back from their second day of walking.

I have had a further 8 physio sessions authorised and even though I don't think they are doing me any good surely the professionals know best?

The best thing about this week is that my wonderful husband is working a few night shifts so I get the whole bed to myself and there'll be absolutely NO snoring (luckily for him!)


  1. Sounds like it has been a fairly positive week all round. I love the images you have chosen, especially the last one. The pie looks absolutely yummy so I am not surprised it got snaffled! Caro x (#5)

  2. Oh that sounds like a positive week! The pie looks delicious! Young love - mmm we've not got that one to deal with yet as he's only just hit 13 but in time gulp! Hoping the rocking posts help the half full feeling more than the half empty feeling!

    Hugs as always

  3. Pie looks delicious and great about the Court date. Hope things goes well and some justice is handed out x

  4. like the fish glass thing... summons - result! stick with it.... no photo?? Set up a nanny cam and make sure you get one! Have a lovely week, jenxx


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