Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday Rockin'

Well it maybe Friday the 13th but I'm not going to let superstition get in the way of the good week I've had...

This week I'm once again joining in with Virginia's Rockettes and inviting you all to see what has rocked my week.

On Saturday it was the monthly crop and although we were only 9 this month it was lovely to sit around chatting and catch up with some good friends. I didn't get much scrapping done, one and a half pages to be exact but nonetheless a good time was had.

Sunday we were all supposed to go to the cricket, England v Australia but I just couldn't risk sitting in a hard seat and being cold ( that's my neck again).
Every cloud though - DH went and had a great day. DD and I headed off to Nantwich food festival for an hour or two to sample some fab yummy goodies.

Monday was the best day as the "boy" came home from his Summer holidays.
It was lovely to see Mum and Dad for a quick cuppa and chat (I don't see Mum half as much as I'd like)
Here is the "boy" on our way home...

...getting as close to me as possible!!!
Since he came home, the clicker training has begun and so far he is doing very well.
He's not a bad dog by no means but my aim is to be able to let him off the lead without running off!!!

More physiotherapy on the neck has been had - fingers crossed it is actually doing some good
(It never feels like it to be honest but I'm trying hard to believe in the professionals)

Another big job this week has been sorting out that ever bulging craft room. I'm finally getting there...

...and now have some idea of what I own and where it is!!!

And my favourite piece of news is that (and please keep your fingers crossed) justice may finally be done.


  1. Justice... I think I know what you are talking about. Hope it works out. Love the photo of pooch. Take care, jenx

  2. Gorgeous dog! So glad you had fun at the crop and your crafting space is looking very neat indeed. Take care. Caro x (#2)

  3. Awww such a sweet photo, oh yey justice!!

  4. Awww such a sweet photo, oh yey justice!!

  5. Some great moments. Hopefully your neck is feeling better. Love the photo of your boy. Crossing my fingers for justice for you.

  6. Oh I'm so late in getting around this week it's almost time for the next one. I hope your neck is easing somewhat and that the physio helps. Loving the photo of your boy, hope that the clicker training works to allow him a bit more freedom. haven't been to a crop in like forever so envious. Hope this week has been good and that justice is on the cards for you hun.

    Biggest hugs


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