Monday, 13 May 2013

Bad Blogger!

Two days with no post from me!!! 
(I am halfway though a post for Case File #37 but with that project incomplete I will save that one for another day)

After a very long couple of days (Friday and Saturday) I felt as though I had swallowed a packet of razors blades so just had to have a few medicinal Sloe Gins.
Luckily these seem to have helped and today I have been catching up with a few challenges that have been posted over the weekend.

Jennifer Grace has hosted her Onward and Upwards blog posts over the weekend. Her Frosty Festivities last year was a great way to be inspired so how could I possibly miss the next installment.
Being a bit out of action I was very behind in keeping up with her posts but I'm all up to date now.

There were 4 main challenges and with many more inspirational posts in between I think I'll be here all week making up for lost time.

First is the
 Onwards Recipe Challenge
and the ingredients are
1 small square photo (you can crop down a larger photo) or square element
Something shiny or sparkly
Some encouraging / uplifting / happy words
At least one sticker (alphas don’t count for this)
At least 3 stars
Some yellow!
One stamp

I think I've managed to use all the necessary ingredients on my layout.
The photo must have been taken circa 1989 when cameras didn't bother me at all. The dress I was wearing in the photo always made me feel quite special although I've no idea why - maybe that's the reason I smiled!!!

The next one I've had a go at is
which is to make something that goes up, up, up.

It didn't take me long to find a photo of my daughter for this one.
She is always climbing up, up, up. If there is something to climb, she will be there, front of the queue. I swear she should've been a boy. I hope her up, up, up stays with her in every walk of life.

For both pages I have used the Counterfeit Kit that I put together for my DT application - well I counldn't waste it could I?

Onto a
 Make something inspired by this weekend

 Well I was inspired by so many things during the weekend that it took a while to come up with something.
Something I haven't done for a while is a digi page. I love doing digi but I can't put them in my album so hence I don't do them very often. I do use my digi images though by printing onto my 12x12 before I start my layout. Here I printed the quote and then scrapped around it...

 I wanted to keep this layout quite simple as I didn't want the eye to wander away from the photograph.

Make something to go with the theme ‘as free as a bird’

Mum and Dad are having to much fun in this photo that I also wanted to have fun putting the layout together so I've stamped, splodged, doodled, splatted, crinkled, daubed, misted, sprayed and much more on this page to hopefully show the joy and happiness that surrounds the photo.

 So, there we go, all the Jennifer's challenges complete - I had fun being inspired by Jennifer this weekend and I will be inspired by the other prompts during the next few days/weeks...



  1. HI Lesley! I am so inspired by all the challenges you do! Love the LO of your Mum and Dad:) Think I'd better read your blog more often so I know where all the challenges are! Thanks:)

  2. Super duper layouts!! Love the stamping on the first one, the triangles on the second, the cleanliness of the third and the fourth one.....well, it blew me away!! So many fabulous techniques and a brilliant photo to boot :0)

  3. I'm having such a dreadful time trying to post on blogs at the moment, blogger keeps saying the firewall won't let me see your blog. So I'm trying and trying again. Glad I did, what fabulous layouts

  4. Wow, these are all amazing Lesley! Well done for entering all the challenges! I love the repeat of 'oh snap' on the first page, the bright blue triangles on the second, and the subtle colours on the third. My favourite is the last one though, as you can really see all the joy and happiness in the photo, and in the fun you had playing with the doodling and splattering and more!

    Thanks so much for entering the challenges! x


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