Monday, 8 August 2016

Summer Snap!

Don't you just love a treasure hunt - scrapbookers call photos "treasure" right?

UKScrappers are holding a Summer Snap! Challenge
and during our little break in Barcelona
I took up the challenge.
Here is what I found...

1 vapour trails or clouds
We're on our way to Barcelona
2 a horse drawn vehicle
Nearly missed this one - luckily my girl had read my list and shouted at me to snap the moment!

3 flowers in bloom
There were too many photos in my album of beautiful flowers but I think this one has to be my favourite

4 a summer job in the garden
This guy was so busy digging the garden as we strolled through Parc Guell

5 something typifying your holiday destination, 
or your home town if you are planning a stay cation
Well you're not going to get Boris Barcelona Bikes anywhere else!

6 hats
were everywhere!

7 ice cream

8 kites or balloons

9 bubbles
I have never seen such big bubbles!

10 ducks, swans or seabirds

11 summer sunrise or sunset
My phone camera kept on steaming up in the heat but managed to capture a slight sunset 
whilst waiting for the fountains to start

12 eating al fresco
That was a very messy nectarine

13 somewhere you would only visit when the sun shines
Beautiful beach which I probably would also visit if the sun wasn't shining but not in these clothes!

14 flags or bunting

15 summer shoes
Sock and sandals girlfriend!

16 fruit growing, in the garden, on a tree, or in the hedgerow
Olives (yuk!)
17 water
Stunning water show at Font Màgica de Montjuïc

18 umbrellas
I love how they displayed their earrings on these brollies

19 glasses

20 fete, fair or festival
Such a great afternoon at Barcelona Pride

and ME!
Well a bit of me!

So there we have it, all 20 photos on the list taken over a 5 day period.

Thank you Alison and Sue for taking the time to keep us busy over the Summer.


  1. AWESOME! Adore the umbrella one!!! Well done on getting them all.. in 5 days!!! Blinkin' incredible!

  2. I'll be spending two days in Barcelona in May next year so I'll be calling on you for tips and tricks! Well done you for working through the list. I like this idea - perhaps I should give something like this a go!

  3. Wow that is very impressive, Fab photos made all the more interesting by your commentary. Loved it :)
    Sue x

  4. Wow! You did well getting them all done in Barcelona :D I must upload mine :o


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