Saturday, 27 August 2016

Hard To Scrap

Have you ever looked at a photograph of such a happy moment that isn't so happy anymore
and wondered whether you should scrap it or not?
Well here is your answer.
I captured this moment perfectly of her
as she read an email and got the news she had been waiting for.
We were sitting on La Rambla in Barcelona at the time and she managed to log into some free wifi
to check her emails - and there it was - she was through to the last round
to join an apprenticeship scheme with the Fire Service.
That smiled beamed all day!
So why wouldn't I want to scrap it?
Well two weeks later, she got the news that she hadn't made the very final 12
and she was devastated - we all were 
which made scrapping this picture all the more difficult
we have to scrap the good AND the bad
to tell our story, don't we?

This layout was created using my August Counterfeit Kit.

I would love to know what has been the hardest photograph that you have scrapped
let me know in the comments.


  1. we do indeed. Good on you.

  2. Some pictures are most definitely hard to document; I have quite a few of them. Life's ups and downs are hard to navigate, but remembering the not-so-good along with the fantastic will help us see how far we've come from that disappointment. Love your page! Beautiful!

  3. You make this look effortless - the little bits of green pattern are inspired.

  4. Oh my, this page is amazing!!!!!


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