Tuesday, 17 February 2015


I recently took part in my first ever SWAP!

Arranged by the lovely Sian from High in the Sky
I was given 6 addresses to send 6 postcards to arrive on around
Valentine's Day.

I forgot to take photographs of the ones I sent but I can show
you the ones I received.

The first was this one from Lizzy Hill and although it is of one of my favourite cities 
it actually came from somewhere I have never been, Oz!!
Oh how I would love to travel around that wonderful country some day soon.
Thank you Lizzie, I could feel the sunny warmth as I read your card.

Another Liz was next and again a sunny send from Texas.
Having travelled Route 66 a few years ago we ventured into Texas for a day or too and boy\was it HOT! Oh to be back there during these cold UK days.
Liz, you brought back some lovely memories and I hope you continue to enjoy that new life.

Now the next one was very personal. 
Katie had seen my "Recycling Books" blog post
and how lovely of her to send a card to tie in with that.
Thank you Katie

And how can you not smile when you get this next one in the post.
Sonja, thank you for reminding me that the days are getting longer 
and Spring is just around the corner.

The fifth and final (so far) to arrive was from Karen.
She writes of her love of canals to explore the UK.
This one is not far from me and I've often walked along along it when visiting my sister in Shropshire.
Karen, thank you for sharing one of your loves with me.

I am not sure what happened to No.6 maybe still floating around in Postie's bag somewhere!

Thank you Sian for organising the swap.
The arrival of postcards from faraway made me smile during a hard week.


  1. I'm delighted that your cards have been arriving and cheering a hard week for you. I've checked my list and your last card has quite a distance to come, so I hope it won't be too much longer. I love how you've blogged this with your thoughts on each one :)

  2. a nice collection you have there. Route 66 .. that's a trip i'd like to do soon x

  3. That a great group of cards you've received! This is such fun.

  4. It's such a joy receiving actual post isn't it ... I'm still missing one too but I'm sure it will arrive soon xxx

  5. Glad you liked the card, it is lovely seeing the wide range of postcards out there and it has certainly made receiving the post a bit more fun at the moment!


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