Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Forgeries on the Fourth

The February reveal on the 1st of the month 
saw me promising I would be back with my
Forgeries on the Fourth today.

I was quite taken aback by how many of you lovely forgers said
you were looking forward to it
so thank you!!!

Firstly, remember the map paper from the kit?
This paper was probably my favourite part of the kit if I'm honest and I really wanted to get my forgery very close to the original.
I took to my cutting machine and got to work...

I applied Ferro Metal Effect Colour using a palette knife to create that raised effect through my homemade stencil.
I really am quite pleased with how it came out.


Next was the alpha paper.
I had just received a new set of dies through the post and need to try them out.
I haven't stuck them down on the photo but you get the picture right?

Spare random alphas that you know will never get used would also work.


To create the ephemera I used paper scraps, punches, a printer and some pro markers.

I found some images on the internet, printed them out and coloured them in

while the rest just used punches from my stash

The flowers!!!
I just don't do flowers however I thought I would give them a go....
Here I used dies but really didn't like the outcome

 So I punched a few hearts, curled them and stuck them together
before adding a gem in the middle.

 Still not great but better I think.

Anyway, those are my Forgeries on the Fourth
thanks for stopping by,
what will you forge for your kit?


  1. the map paper was a favourite of mine too. I would never has thought to recreate it like you have - a very clever idea and it looks so good!!

  2. Terrific! Love your collection of ephemera, especially. I really like both flowers.

  3. I love that forged map paper!

  4. What a great take on the map paper. I love the regal raised effect. And the heart flowers are FAB! Thank you for your contributions!!

  5. Love your experiments - the map paper is brilliant!

  6. Love your forgeries!! That map paper is amazing!! You did an amazing job with all the forgeries!! Love all the embellishments you created!!

  7. Your post met all my expectations. The map is an excellent forgery. Thanks for the idea of using random leftover letters. And you flowers? When a project doesn't match our ideals, we still can learn lots from it. I use less than stellar attempts on less than permanent projects.

  8. I'm really loving all the embellishments you've created

  9. Fantastic ideas.Your little flowers are cool and I like the map paper too.

  10. Busy little bee! What a (totally successful!) labor of love your map paper is :D
    I do love when the inspiration gives so much, well... inspiration, for all the bits & bobs. NICE!

  11. Your map paper turned out amazing, as did your other bits and pieces.

  12. Wonderful forgeries! I especially love those embellishments!

  13. another master forger at work! the flowers and ephemera are great and the alpha paper is cute too but you get a gold star for your amazing gold foil page forgery! Wonderful job and I can't wait to see it used - have you yet?


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