Thursday, 7 August 2014

Me @ 44... the topic over at

Challenge YOURself Blog

this month.

Ok so if you're not 44, then just change the number and get scrapping about YOU @ ??

I chose a difficult topic for this one as I (and others) have noticed a few changes in me
which I hope are just side effects of my medication.
I showed this layout to my husband who said...

"you're not like that ALL the time!"


Anyway, that's me at 44.
I have more detailed journalling in the little vellum pocket up there on the right.

What are YOU all about at your "now" age?
Don't forget to include a photo of YOU on your layout!


  1. A great bright layout. Love your green title.
    Pre -menopausal? The hormonal changes are normal.

  2. I love your layout, Lesley! I really like how you scrapped your age and the "not so fun" things about it! Your page is beautifully designed! Have a great vacation!

  3. Funny and cheerful despite it all though - a fab page (better title colour choice ;))

  4. Love your layout Lesley and that it's the reality of life's ups and downs.
    Wonderfully done!!

  5. Great layout! Lovely photo of you and I love that pocket.

  6. Wonderful page - that loose thread is so representative - great touch.

  7. That's a fabulous layout Lesley - I can't imagine you grumpy!~

  8. Wonderful layout and very fun. I can't imagine some of those characteristics in you!!

  9. Oh, goodness, Lesley, I do wish you were liking yourself better. I'm betting it's medication; I know something about that. It makes it extra difficult to swim through all the negative thoughts and get to the surface of your true self which is bright and cheerful and positive, just like all those awesome stacks of Washi tape on each side of your pretty blog! Keep breathing, my dear, and push through!! Hugs, Darnell

  10. Nicely done! I love how you incorporated your journaling. .

  11. my @ is higher than yours so I think I'll give it a miss! :-)

    i like the design of the folded back paper and the twirly twine!


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