Wednesday, 27 August 2014

August Scavenging...

Can't believe the time is ticking away so fast and I still have things to find from
How many have you found so far?
Is there one that's just too elusive?

I think the juggler for me although I did get the one of hubby on the beach on my Barcelona hunt
so I could use that!

Anyway, onto what I found this month in the faraway land of Madagascar...

4. A group of tourists - yep that's US
6. An urban street scene - well it's urban to them
7. A rural landscape - couldn't get much more rural
8. A tattoo on a person - one of those sneaky photos
10. A photo bomb (someone found lurking in the background of photo; the lurker may have intended to disrupt the picture or may be doing it unintentionally, but the background lurker is a surprise to the photographer)
Photo bombed by a lemur!
11. A horn - A Horned Chameleon
13. A sunrise - so beautiful and very peaceful
14. A parade - of plates at the exhumation
16. A sign in a language other than English - A Malagasy sign
17. A lamp post
18. A water fall

So there we have it, not sure if I've ticked anymore off my list but there's still time right?


  1. I think by far you've got brownie points for that photo bomber lol

  2. what a great set of photographs! photo bombed by a lemur! love it :) jxxxx

  3. Lucky you taking such an exotic vacation with great photos ...
    very good sneaky tattoo pic and
    fabulous sunrise and oh my the Horned Chameleon!

  4. Beautiful landscape and great tattoo!

  5. The horned chameleon is a great idea, well done Diane

  6. Adore your sunrise and waterfall. BJ

  7. Such interesting pictures. Who would have thought of a horned chameleon? Great!!!

  8. great collection!

  9. Not sure how I missed this one before. Glad I found it now, as its so full of beautiful scenes. Thanks for linking up,


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