Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Joining in with Jennifer (again!)

I have already joined in with Jennifer Grace's challenge, 
but decided that this card I made for my sister's birthday fit the bill too so I'm joining in again.

The Refresh Your Craft & Soul Blog Event hosted by Jennifer was full of great ideas and inspiration so why not click on the link and join in with the challenges? They are open until June 15th.

(P.S. She is my only sister!)


  1. Love your card. The different colored letters are great!!!

  2. Ha ha, I like how you clarify she's your only sister, so allowed to be your favourite! I love how you used the negative spaces for a couple of letters. Your card looks beautiful! Thank you so much for joining in the challenge at Jennifer Grace Creates! x

  3. Fabulous card. And I understand your need to explain that she is your only sister. My sisters and I kid around with our brothers all the time about who is whose favorite - of course, I am everybody's fave!

  4. I love the mix of alphas on your card! Thank you so much for dropping by my blog as part of the Refresh weekend.


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