Tuesday, 17 June 2014

I Made It!!!

Today marks my 500th blog post so I'm celebrating
with a little giveaway.

To take part, answer the following questions
(all the answers are "somewhere" on my blog)
and send them all in one hit to me no later than 
June 30th 2359pm BST 
via the 
Contact Form
at the very bottom of my blog.

  1. Which sport has the child recently given up?
  2. What is our favourite recipe?
  3. How many miles did we travel when we drove the Pacific Highway?
  4. What is my One Little Word for 2014?
  5. Who made the child's birthday cake this year?
If there is a tie I will use the number generator (i.e. the child)
to randomly select a winner.

Good luck!


  1. Oh I know an answer to a couple of those Lesley!

  2. Congratulations - 500 in such a short while - WOW!!!

  3. My! 500 posts in just a few years? Impressive stuff! I don't have many more than that and have been blogging since 2006! Huge congrats to you!


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