Sunday, 8 December 2013



Last year I made it for my sister as her and 3 friends are in a book club together.
She loved it and, back in April, asked me to make 3 more - one for each of those friends.
They were to be Christmas presents for them this year.

Well I had all the time in the world to make those gifts and kept putting it off until another day.
That day became today, the day before I needed to hand them over!!!

Once again, last minute panic but I got there and now all three are ready in the requested colours...

I feel a New Year's Resolution coming on but then, would I stick to it???


  1. Well done for getting them all done.

  2. Oh they are gorgeous hun, I'm also one of those that put things off for sooooooooooooo long and then have to race to finish things maybe I should also make it my New Year challenge!

  3. I'm an idiot and commented on last year's post - but you get my drift ;-D

  4. Great job, wish I had these for my book club meetings!

  5. those are beautiful and a great idea! Which I had a bookclub to join lol


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