Friday, 21 June 2013

Do You...?

I don't know about you, but when I was growing up, feelings (deep feelings) were never discussed.
There were things ( a lot of things) that I couldn't talk to my parents about. 
It wasn't their fault, just how previous generations were brought up.

I have never told my parents that I love them and the only time my Mum has ever said it to me was the day
 my daughter was born.
 I knew I wanted mine and Imogen's relationship to be different, more open and I wanted her to be able to talk to me about anything ( and I mean anything).
I also want her to know everyday that she is loved.

I know my Mum and Dad love me and I want to tell them, just once, but don't know how to...

Anyway, this layout kind of comes from what I've just said - I love my sister but don't know how to tell her

If you're of my age, do you find you have the same problem, do you have a different relationship with your children?
Have you overcome the problem? If so, can you share?


  1. What a thoughtful post. I tell my children I love them whenever I can - especially when they go out the door and in texts.

  2. I came from a very close and loving family, maybe because I was an only child, but no my parents always told me they loved me.

  3. very though provoking. yes, I can relate. What a great layout an the colours are so perfect together - especially the painting on the background.

  4. Such a sweet layout. I know where you're coming from. As the oldest growing up I was taught I was the responsible one, the one who had to help my sister and put on a brave face. This has seriously affected my emotional development and my relationship with my mother which is more like me being the parent than the other way around. With my two if they want to cry and cuddle they can, and I always make sure Cameron knows I am the parents and he is in no way responsible for anyone but himself.
    You're a great Mum, I'm positive Imogen knows she is very, very loved :)

  5. I didn't grow up in an overly affectionate family but I tell me kids I love them everyday. I think that it is important that they hear it and not just know it. It is one way that I am glad that times have changed :)

  6. Love this and your sentiment. Good for you for wanting thing to be different for you and your daughter. This is a sweet layout with all of the layers. I love the way you have highlighted the word stars with yellow. Great job!


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