Sunday, 16 June 2013

Difficult Choice!!!

 With half of the roads closed in our town today, what is the point in going out?
I can stay in my craft room all day and craft can't I?
Yes, the sun is shining but I can get my vitamin D in the garden later whilst drinking an ice cold cider :)
So, what will I do today?
CKCB have their next challenge up...
What a choice to have to make!!!
Pistachio, lemon, chocolate, orange - all favourites of mine but...

...probably my favourite brand/flavour would be a Nestle Maxibon

The Maxibon Classic is made of 
vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, 
with a half-biscuit, 
half-chocolate shell, 
together with hazelnuts
 and crumbs of biscuit.

Can you see how I was inspired by my favourite ice cream?



  1. Love!! The twine shaped heart on the tag is precious!!

  2. Such a cute photo, love the whole layout :) How come so many roads were closed?

    1. Just roadworks Gemma, but they seem to do it all at once :(

  3. Smashing! Perfect representation of the yummy ice cream :0)

  4. Fab page - can totally see the inspiration - is that Imogen when small?

  5. I was hungry for icecream before I even popped on over! A YUMMY LO!!!

  6. I certainly CAN see! Love the bit of corrugated cardboard and the paint dots. What a wonderful take on the prompt.


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