Saturday, 1 December 2012

Advent x3

December 1st and what a lovely surprise I had this morning!

My wonderful daughter had set up the most fabulous advent calendar for me and it brought tears to my eyes.

Just look at what she made - my very own Advent Forest...

each tree has a surprise inside.

She also made her Dad a North Pole Fishing Hole
He's an avid fisherman hence the fishing theme

this one requires him to fish for the correct number each day so with his recent experience of fishing, he may not be getting many chocolates!

I opted for the Wilton Tins advent for Imogen this year but feel quite disappointed with myself when I see what her imagination has come up with at age 13.

She seemed very happy with it when she walked into the kitchen this morning though.


  1. I think Imogen's done you both proud - VERY clever advent ideas. I'm pinning that forest to copy sometime!

    Love the tins on the classy fridge though - I'm sure she won't be at all disappointed!

  2. how lovely - and how clever too. Love all those advents - I don't have to make them anymore.

  3. Certainly takes after her mother, what a great idea! Love all 3 advents :)

  4. Wow! 3 fabulous calendar ideas...puts me to shame! Must try harder next year and come up with something original. Thanks for sharing, I really love the little forest x

  5. All your calendars are great. What a fab family thing to do.
    Sue x


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