Sunday, 2 December 2012

6 Spoons, 2 Layouts

To answer a question from Gemma on why I had spoons on my craft desk, here is the answer...

I have made these spoons as markers on an allotment (not mine)
I originally saw them on Pinterest and as I know a few people with veggie plots, I thought it would be a good idea to make a few sets as gifts. They are so easy to make, just a few coats of Mod Podge and a spray of clear acryclic is all that is needed. Just need a good idea on how to wrap them now!

Yesterday was our Christmas crop and I wasn't really in a crafting kind of mood.
The chocolates that Jemma brought got my craft juices flowing and I managed to get two LOs completed.

The first is a picture of my daughter on a recent school trip to Germany. I used an old kit from Sarah's Cards and added a couple of my own embellishments including a huge paperclip from Wilkinsons.

 My second LO highlights a family photo taken in the USA using the self timer. I wanted a photo of us running into the sea but whilst I was setting up the camera, Nick and Imogen (unbeknown to me) decided that they would have a silly moment and run like "girls". The photo doesn't really showcase what Imogen was doing but Nick looks like Larry Grayson!



  1. I love these layouts especially the way you've built up all the papers around the photos.

  2. Great layouts, love the red frame on the first and the panoramic look photo on the second. Spoons are a great idea! Might do them for my herbs :)

  3. Both are great pages for your album, I love to scrap memories like these.
    What a fab idea the spoons are, perhaps you could tie them together with garden raffia??

  4. The spoons are a great idea. :o) Super pages there, too.
    Sue x


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