Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Classes

Well here are my layouts from the weekend classes, I loved all the classes and can't really choose a favourite. I ws determined this year to finish all my layouts before I went home - and I did! There are particular things I like about each class which I explain under each picture.

Lou's Class
 When I saw the picture for Lou's class I wasn't particularly keen but then she held up her LO and I thought "Wow, I like that!" It was very "faffy" but so worth the end result.

Helen's Class
 The chevrons on this LO are great - I got them a bit wrong to begin with as I was copying Gemma instead of listening and looking (what did my teacher always tell me!) The glitter spots are great too although I'm still findig glitter even now!

Jen's Class
 What a great idea this is. The floating picture is fab and I've already used the twine idea on another page since.

Tracey's Class
I've never been to a Tracy class before. I LOVE the boldness of this LO. The black lines makes everyting jump out off the page.

Ifa's Class
 I really like the end result of this LO, the flags were a nightmare but patience endured (not like me at all) I deceide to use butterflies instaed of Ifa's birds as I thought they went better with my picture.

Claire's Class
The window on this LO is brilliant. I've never really known how to use distress inks but this one is such a good idea. Well, the flower! It looks gorgeous but such a pain in the ****. I think the result is quite stunning though!

The dreaded flower!

And now a BIG thankyou to you lovely ladies for the inspiration.


  1. You've made a fab job of these pages from the classes Lesley.
    You could have called for a cup of tea when you were at Grafham - don't live very far from there :)
    Forgot to add to the other post- I love that route 66 LO.

    1. Thanks Gwyneth - LOL our surname is Graffham, we're still trying to find a link to some LORD from Grafham though!

  2. Great versions of all the classes :) I'm off to find a picture of you to add to the blog as I am SURE I took one!!! lol

    1. NOOOO! I must insist that you delete any that you find of me - I've done enough damage to my reputation!!

  3. Loving your class pages, you have done a beautiful job on each and every one! Love the title that you chose in the end it goes perfectly :)

  4. Great to see all your finished class layouts Lesley. It was really nice to see you again, see you next time we all 'head' to Warrington for the weekend.
    Tracy x

  5. Thanks Rachael, loved chatting to you at the weekend and hope you will be there next year too x

    LOL Tracy, we missed you on Sunday evening though x

  6. Lovely stuff! So glad you enjoyed the weekend and got something out of each of the classes - that's what it's about :)

  7. Love all your layouts Lesley and the butterflies look great on Ifa's page.

  8. Well done on geting all the LOs finished! Love your interpretation of them all, especially the 'faffy' one ;)

  9. Some stunning layouts you managed to complete over the weekend.

    Congrats on winning the sketch challenge - fab layout.

    Hope to meet you again next year. x


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