Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Cupboard Crafts

If you saw my kit reveal on Saturday you may have noticed a couple of forgeries.
When I saw the kit for the first time I was quite excited about the forgeries that I could create.

I dug around in a cupboard or two and found these make up sponges which, when cut in half and stuck to stamp blocks, worked perfectly to create one of the papers.
The coloured one I really didn't like however the monochrome one turned out a lot nicer...

I then used the same idea for another 12x12 and also dotted the ink around using 
a cotton bud...
Another idea was to use different sized circle punches, cut the "punch" in half
and randomly stick them onto a piece of card stock.
I prefer this than the coloured attempt above!

One of our members has already created some fabulous forgeries, why not hop over and see what Kate created and don't forget the other Master Forgers' Forgeries


  1. You are so clever! The idea with the make up sponges is great. I wanted to have a go at that design and couldn't decide what to use to make the pattern. Nice job!

  2. These all look fabbo. I spotted the blue,yellow and black one in your kit.

  3. You made great progress.This is really pretty and good idea on site !



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