Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Every year in our house we have homemade advent calendars.
Every year The Child makes me something wonderful and this year I came home from my weekend retreat to this...

I tricked her this year by giving her the smallest advent I could find but she knows me too well
and didn't take the bait!

The Child's advent started out like this...

and she was more than delighted when she came home from school yesterday
to find this...

Oh how I'm going to struggle next year to come up with something different!

Do you make or buy?


  1. I love this!

    We buy - but never chocolate ones and we haven't actually bought one in years because we follow my Mum's old trick of ironing the doors back down again ready for next year!

  2. I'm not surprised she was happy with it ... It's great x

  3. Wow they are both fantastic Lesley. I made a matchbox advent a few years ago and I re-use that each year said 14 year old plus he gets a lego advent calendar!

  4. Love them!! Cameron says your milk bottle one is 'Epic!' High praise indeed lol. I always mean to make but end up buying.


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