Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful Part 3

Good morning!!!

Here I am again sharing another layout created using the latest

put together by ScrappyJen, owner at Wearcrafts.

Have you seen all the fussy cutting on her creations, it sets my arthritis off just thinking about it, give me a punch or a die and a trimmer any day!!!

At only £5 for this kit it is well within most people's budget.

Budget, did I say budget?
>>>Budget Challenge>>>Scrapbook Magazine>>>Page 58>>>ME!

I was recently asked to create three layouts on a budget of £10.
I spent far less than that and so can you if you buy this fabulous kit from Jen.

Anyway, I digress, here is my latest layout using that £5 kit.

Unusually my journalling is on the front of my layout (yeah ok, it's printed but it's there)
and says...
"Every time we stopped to take a photograph we were surrounded by at least ten children asking for gifts or bon bons.
On this ocassion, we had stopped to see bricks being made when 20 children surrounded the car. As soon as they saw I had sweets they mobbed me!!! I walked away and asked them to line up (I didn’t want to miss anyone out)
They finally realised that they wouldn’t get anything unless they formed an orderly queue.
They stood patiently in line while I gave each of them a few sweets.
That is until they saw the skipping rope!!!"

Being able to give these children just a little something gave us real pleasure during our holiday...
Another reason to be cheerful!

Virginia is also creating cheer over on at CelticHouse.


  1. Such a great story to get down on a layout. Putting the journaling down the side is a good trick - plenty of room for the words, with lots of space left to play on the rest of the page

  2. well that looks great! I like the side writing too! jx

  3. An amazing story and worthy of a great layout

  4. Fabulous story hun and gorgeous layout and love love love your layouts in the Scrapbook magazine!


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