Monday, 24 September 2012

A Little Bit of Mod Podge

I've been meaning to take some pictures of my Mod Podged items for a few weeks now.

Whilst we were gallivanting in the States, Imogen saw a few items that were far too large to get in my suitcase (and anyway, my craft items were far more important!)
Mod Podge is certainly cheaper across the pond so I heard myself saying "I'll make you one" far too many times.
(My Dad used to say those words to me when I was a kid and I would cringe but now I appreciate every little thing he has made and done and especially how much money he has saved me over the years)

I stuck to my promise and the results are shown below. A pack of Portobello Road Papers and some Modge Podge...


  1. Excellent home-made bits and bobs Lesley - in fact not at all home-made looking! Bet Imogen is chuffed!

  2. Gorgeous stuff. I'm sure Imogen loves it

  3. These are stunning!I love that mirror.You can't beat a bit of Mod Podge!

  4. Love these Lesley, they're fab !


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